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We are a family owned office that Sells and Services

  1. Restaurant Equipment

  2. Supermarket Equipment

  3. Deli Equipment

  4. Bakery Equipment

  5. Convenience Store Equipment

Our Service Technicians are Factory Trained to Service Equipment of All Types and Manufacturers

  1. Refrigeration Equipment

  2. Cooking Equipment

  3. Food Preparation Equipment

  4. Meat Processing Equipment

  5. Warewash Equipment

Our Salesmen are also Factory Trained to provide our customers expert guidance with Equipment Sales for New Projects and Remodels.

We provide Monterey, Santa Cruz and neighboring Coutnies Restaurant Equipment Sales, Service, Parts and Installation.  We provide Supermarket, Deli and Bakery Equipment Sales from San Jose to San Diego, including Los Angeles.  Please come by or give us a call if you have any Food Industry questions or needs.

WELCOME to the Salinas, CA Hobart!!

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